Create Your Own Green House Effect


We mean that in a good way of course. We all express concern for our environment and the need to clean it up, so why not start off under our own roofs? Trying to keep our homes clean is something each of us does, but we don’t necessarily want to sacrifice our health or the environment to do it, and most available household cleaning products are filled with a variety of  ingredients that aren’t good for either. Simply reading the warning labels alone cues us into the unhealthy nature of what we are using. Exposure to these harsh chemicals carries certain hazards and can be a special concern when there are young children or people with certain health conditions around (allergies and asthma for example).

Fortunately, we do have “greener” choices. Along with long existing natural methods, we are finding more eco-friendly products and services available, making smarter living an easier choice.

Whatever your lifestyle or budget, here is a sample of the many ideas to choose from that will help you create a clean and healthy living space.  You may just find yourself, and your neighbor, breathing a little easier.  As an added bonus, by incorporating some of these earth friendly methods into your routine, you will discover a savings on time, money, or both.

Look below to find out which ideas suit you best, then give one or more of them a try.

1.  I barely have time to straighten up/ my budget is tight.
Try some of these natural cleaning remedies that are both safe and inexpensive. $

Mix 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water in a spray bottle and use to clean counter tops, sinks as well as floors.
Cut a lemon in half then sprinkle baking soda on the flat side to use as a scrub for surfaces and stains.
Use white toothpaste as a stain remover for furniture or as a polish for silver.

2.   I stay on top of things/ I can invest a little more in keeping my home clean and organized.
Try one of these environmentally friendly lines of cleaning products. $$

Method  – 99% natural  and  conveniently located at your local grocer
wowgreen-  Non-toxic and  all natural enzyme based products
Seventh Generation –  Dye and fragrance free and made from recycled materials

3.   I  have a very busy schedule/ it’s within my budget to hire someone else for this task
Try one of these Eco friendly cleaning services.  $$$

ECOMAIDS – All natural cleaning products and wash and fold laundry service available
The Cleaning Authority  – Green Seal certified products and uses HEPA vacuums
Earth Maids –  Non-toxic, biodegradable products and competitive pricing


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