Are You A Green Business?

business manager outdoor with green necktie

We all remember that crazy cousin or uncle who wore the mullet hair cut. Not only did he once have a mullet, but he probably had it long after it had lost what little bit of coolness the cut really had. Or what about the guy that dresses up in a spider man costume and scales some of the world’s tallest buildings only to be quickly arrested at the top?

They are the folks that make you ask yourself, “why would anybody do that?”

You have to ask yourself the same question when a small business owner in a struggling economy is not capitalizing on being green. Do they really understand the impact they are having on their business?  Do they realize the amount of money that can be going to a competitor because they have a “Green” logo and link of some kind on their web page?

According to the website
“Understanding the demographics of green consumerism can help entrepreneurs explore the environmental market, and hone in on likely prospects. Research has shown that green consumers:
•         are sincere in their intentions, with a growing commitment to greener lifestyles;
•         almost always judge their environmental practices as inadequate;
•         do not expect companies to be perfect in order to be considered ‘green’. Rather, they look for companies that are taking substantive steps and have made a commitment to improve.”

For the sake of disclosure, bsdglobal states that this demographic tends to overstate their use and purchase of green products and are a skeptical demographic. But it is without doubt that they are becoming more serious, knowledgeable and loyal toward these green products and services.

We ask the question? Do YOU want to turn away business?

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