Action Printing and Marketing


Five Ways Action is Green:

1. Action Printing offers You Free Pickup and Delivery–in a Prius!

2. Action uses soy inks (not oil based+low carbon footprint)

3. Action special-orders “California’ press wash, which is under 100 voc’s (volatile organic compounds) and environmentally friendly (and so our manager, Lisa, doesn’t get a headache (needed to wash ink off press when you change colors))

4. Action recycles byproducts of manufacturing (paper)

5. Action offers you the widest range of % recycled paper stocks–as high as 100% recycled with postconsumer waste (the stuff in the recycle bin–with the ink taken off without heavy use of bleach)

Though it costs us more, we go beyond local and state guidelines for manufacturing.
At Action, we are dedicated to taking responsibility for ourselves and are committed to best practices regarding the environment.

We care about the environment, and we care about you and your customers, and want to provide you the best product with the most green for your green.

1870 W Prince Rd
Tucson, AZ 85705

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