Gibson, Nakamura & Green

The lawyers at Gibson, Nakamura & Green are dedicated to representing businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals. We provide start-up advice to entrepreneurs and assist individuals and existing organizations with leasing, contract enforcement, and acquisition matters. We also guide mature organizations through sales, reorganizations, and liquidations.

In an effort to minimize our environmental impact, we recently relocated to a more energy-efficient and centrally-located office building.  Our building has excellent natural lighting provided by skylights, is landscaped with native Arizona plant life and is centrally located, which minimizes our carbon footprint by encouraging short commute times and bicycling by employees.  We recycle our paper waste and use recycled office products where we can. One of our attorneys, Kristen Green, volunteers for Open Space Bond Campaigns.  Kristen is also a member of The Nature Conservancy, and contributes to the Sonoran Institute.


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