We are fun, exciting and totally different than any other green focused community!!  Check us out!!

MyPlanetStuff is a new Tucson based green company focusing on reusable products and offering an online reusable bag design contest.  Our site is set up so the community can submit designs, vote on designs, purchase reusable products, share their greenness and learn about fun and easy ways to live eco-friendly lives.

Our feature product is the MyPlanet Rescue Kit it includes an HDPE (no BPAs) reusable bottle, canvas bag made from recycled material and a pajama soft organic cotton Earth Enthusiast tee all bundled together using the scraps from the manufacturing of our bags.  The Rescue Kit gives folks an easy, inexpensive and fun way to make a difference everyday!

A recent U.S. Roper poll found that 56% of Americans would do more for the environment if they only knew how… We have the simple, fun and creative way for Americans who want to do more can, the MyPlanet Rescue Kit.  Folks can make a difference everyday simply by reusing!

At MyPlanetStuff our mission is to offer unique products that folks will love, because if you love your stuff, you’ll use it…and that’s the point!

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