Sustainable Bags (.net) carries the best Organic Cotton (many grown & made in U.S.) and Fairtrade Hemp reusable tote bags with decorated with calligraphic quotes & designs about sustainability.  Custom sizes, printing & volume discounts available. Our personalized bags also make great Eco Green Wedding Favors.  The “Kids Kit to Save The Planet From Plastic Bags” is our green educational toy and makes a great kids gift.

We’ve learned that when you use reusable bags, you’ll need Bioplastic compostable biodegradable trash and garbage can liners rather than buying plastic bags, so we also have those items as well as dog-poop & cat litter box liners.  Write in our blog to share and learn new ways to become more sustainable by increasing awareness of the little things we do that we can change to help protect the planet. Located in Tucson!


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