Improve your home and save money by planting trees!

Courtesy of B.J Cordova-Tucson Clean and Beautiful

Through its signature Trees for Tucson program, Tucson Clean & Beautiful can provide up to two low-cost trees for homeowners within the Tucson Electric Power service area. Selection varies throughout the year, but commonly available varieties include mesquite, desert willow, willow acacia, sweet acacia, palo verde, ironwood, and much more. Sponsored by Tucson Electric Power, residents can obtain trees to plant on the east, west, and south-facing sides of the home for only $8 per tree. These trees provide an immediate, and continually growing, improvement to your home’s landscape aesthetics and property value with relatively minimal maintenance and watering required.

Trees also provide valuable wildlife habitat, soak up rain to reduce stormwater runoff, and pulling Carbon Dioxide out of the atmosphere to reduce global warming. As the tree grows to shade the walls of your home – and especially windows, doors, and air conditioners – you should also begin to see a gradual reduction in your energy bill because of the cooling effect of trees! A bonus is that every bit of electrical energy that you save also reduces the need to release Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere through power generation.

For Tucson Electric Power customers, to request a Trees for Tucson home shade tree application please visit or call (520) 791-3109.

If you are outside the Tucson Electric Power service area and reside in the Trico Electric Cooperative service area surrounding metropolitan Tucson, please call Trico at (520) 744-2944 or visit for information on Operation Cool Shade.

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