shopOrganic is an online retailer offering organic, fair trade and eco-friendly products in a relaxed and secure online shopping environment.  Based in Tucson, Arizona, shopOrganic was created to address the challenges of food quality and safety, fuel conservation and of course, convenience.

Online shoppers now have a convenient way to buy organic and eco-friendly products without leaving the house (or the office).  shopOrganic, an online-only retail store opened to the delight of customers who prefer to… well… shop organic.

On the website you’ll find organic versions of popular grocery store items, from organic snack foods and boxed macaroni and cheese, to cleaning sponges made with loofah and natural dish soap.  You’ll also find some unusual or hard-to-find products such as organic cocktail mixers and items for those with special dietary needs like gluten-free and kosher products.
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