Spring Into Warmer Weather Savings

Courtesy of Tucson Electric Power The spring-cleaning sweep of your home is the perfect time to make sure all appliances are functioning properly, boost energy efficiency and prepare for the summer. In the typical home, more than 40 percent of each month’s electricity is used by plugged-in appliances. Vent fans...

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Grandma’s Rules For Simple Living

We can learn a lot from our wise old grandmothers. Practices common to them—such as growing vegetables, knitting clothes and bartering goods—are the tips and tricks we seek today: a return to the good old days. These rich but simple lifestyles strengthen families and communities while growing local economies around...

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Vinegar Can Do WHAT?

A staple in any pantry, vinegar is a multitasking wonder with a rich history of use for everything from making pickles to treating war wounds. The ancient Babylonians used it to preserve food; medics during World War I treated wounds with it; and Roman armies diluted it with water to create an everyday antibacterial...

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Why Gardening Makes You Happier

Did you know that gardening can ward off depression, improve your mood and make you feel life is more worthwhile? •    Gardeners are less likely to display signs of depression •    Poll found 80 per cent of gardeners feel satisfied with their lives •    Only 67 per cent of non-gardeners feel the same...

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