Spring dip

Spring Vegetable and Goat Cheese Dip

This is a must have in your recipe file. You can whip it up for friends and, no matter what else you serve, it’ll be the first thing to go. Serve it with crostini, tortilla chips, or cruditĂ©s. Or just eat it by the spoonful. It’s that good. Ingredients •    1 cup 3/4″-inch pieces asparagus •   ...

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Vertical Gardens, Living Walls, Living Art…Oh My!

With their beauty and versatility, living walls, or vertical gardens, have opened up a whole new world to plant lovers everywhere. Whether indoors or out, these elegant structures make a stunning addition to any home or business, and offer many other benefits as well. For those in the urban jungle with limited space,...

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Woman sneezing with tissue in meadow

Allergies? Try A Natural Remedy

It’s getting to be that time of year again. Your allergies are driving you crazy, but you really don’t like to take conventional medications. Or maybe you’ve tried over-the-counter allergy meds—or even prescription ones—but you’re not getting the relief you need. What else might work? Consider these...

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Salsa gard

Grow Your Own Salsa Garden

Salsa gardens have been popping up in four-feet by four-feet plots and raised beds in the yards of salsa lovers across the country.  Striking in their visual appeal, large plants heavy with tomatoes and brightly colored hot peppers stand tall while cilantro, shallots, garlic and onion nestle into the soil among them,...

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Spring dip

Spring Vegetable and Goat Cheese Dip

This is a must have in your recipe file. You can whip it up for friends and, no...


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