Nice Ice, Baby

With all sorts of shapes, sizes and add-ins, ice has gone designer. Here’s some inspiration to bring the trend home. Add -Ins- Place ingredients in an ice tray. * Thyme * Tarragon * Basil * Mint * Bluberries * Rasberries * Strawberry slices *  Edible flowers or petals. Fill & Freeze- Add liquid to cover...

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Air Conditioning: What You Should Know

Blog Courtesy of Tucson Electric Power Air conditioning is a necessity in the desert, where temperatures can routinely top 100 degrees during the summer. Many homeowners and renters, though, know little about the AC units that cool their homes. While it can be easy to take air conditioning for granted, maintenance,...

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Eat Seasonally! Here’s Your Summertime List!

There’s something so good about eating food when it’s just been picked. It tastes better, it’s better value and it’s a better deal for the planet, so dig in and celebrate what’s fresh in fruits and vegetables. Here’s your Summer list! Apricots are harvested starting in late spring in warmer areas and through...

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It’s Summer & That Means A Party!

What’s the best way to avoid the “Summertime Blues”? Throw a party of course! Celebrate summer’s sweet inception by hosting the best (and greenest) shindig on the block. So put on your party hat and dancing shoes and follow our green party tips. Say No To Paper Invites We know, there’s nothing quite like...

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